Spare Change

A New Film by Ryan Larkin

Based on Recent Inspirations









Yes finally! The Official Ryan Larkin website - virtual home of the legendary animator.

Please feel free to contact Ryan here and we will be

sure he receives all inquiries.

Please understand, not all emails can be answered personally, but

we will make sure that Ryan receives all correspondence.

Ryan Larkin is currently in pre-production

working on his next animation film called Spare Change.

He is creating the storyboard and enjoying the artistic process.

Ryan has partnered with Laurie Gordon from Chiwawa, to

compose the soundtrack and produce Spare Change.

Together they have formed Spare Change Productions.

They are actively seeking a co-production partner and funding for this film.


Please make a donation online with PayPal

using the following email address:


Contact Ryan Larkin at Spare Change Productions:

(450) 774 5473

(514) 219 9449