I am an ant, I am an ant, I am an ant, I am an ant

Breaking my back day after day
Carrying crumbs to put on the Queen's tray
I wanna run, I wanna play
I need a dream that will take me away

My every thought, my every action
Put into motion by a tyrant led faction
I am not whole, merely a fraction
A fractured soul seeking satisfaction

I am a slave to the being in charge
She's got her vision but it ain't mine
My power is small, hers is quite large
I guess that is why she's the being in charge

I listen to her, what can I do
She's bigger, longer, quicker and stronger
I wanna strip her power, I do
But I don't know how to kill a tyrant, do you?

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees
Which makes it harder for me to be me
I won't feel complete until we are free
I'm reaching my threshold, can't you see?

The other ants have nothing to prove
They just carry on with nothing to lose
I try to plan my next move
How do I get the hill to to go with my groove?

I write it all down, thought after thought
I try to point out our leaders are bought
I ask 'em to question all they've been taught
Make them see how our culture's caught

Between a class divide that grows every day
Religious rights for which wars are waged
(In) this wondrous world that captures my heart
And the necessity of progress that tears it apart

I am an ant, I am an ant, I am an ant, I am an ant